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Ana Maria Cameno: Santera and "queen "Criminology

Antena3 issued a few days ago the documentary "Check to the Queen", dedicated to the case of Ana Maria Cameno. A root of this issue and Luis Manuel Marlasca Rendueles updated the history of this remarkable woman in her web "area? io N egro." A case The Crime File already reflected in the time of arrest ( )


The Dura Perdita ngo of Alex de la Iglesia or La Reina del Sur of Arturo Pérez Reverte are two characters in the fiction that seems to have overcome the woman who will speak today at Black Territory. Cameno Ana Antolin leading an organization that had raised, according to police, the largest cocaine processing laboratory in Europe. also was a member of one of the country's most wanted traffickers

Cameno Ana Maria is a English woman, born forty years ago Burgos and devoted many years drug trafficking. She is married to David Vel charge nurse had a very strong re-trafficking d consist of not less than thirty people. In addition, r Egenter a jewelry business that was willing l.

A true matriarch seems there was in this business. Unlike other cases we have had here , Ana, known as The Tits, grew the business on its merits alone, was able to distribute in a very short time hundreds of kilos of cocaine.

The nickname of the Tits has a simple explanation: l police for months I have been watching the -Greco, Central Narcotics Brigade, central-UDEV learned that the woman had gone Medellin to do business and a way to get a bigger size bra ... The nickname was easy, and indeed, woman t UVO prostheses problems because it caused an infection. Their ability to distribute cocaine he was given by the network of contacts he had and the stores or caches had in Madrid, where he was saving to lijos you came for, before long, sac arlos for sale ...

Ana not was responsible for bringing cocaine from Colombia or Venezuela. was, say, the second step, the person receiving the merchandise and sells it in batches of one to five kilos to smaller distributors. In fact, neither she nor his or cut adulterated drugs. When I got a shipment of 300 or 500 kilos, its network of coves divided by or safety mats had, indeed, all located near the headquarters of the police. In one of them was where he kept 276 kilos of coca. To distribute the drug, Ana had a group of very effective and very professional ...

Del best. Just a tip: cu 'm the police intervened in power of the group found 470 mobile phones, a hundred of them on. Each terminal was used to call a single person, who was identified with a sticker a cartoon. No names. In addition, most members of the organization came to the laboratory or the floors of a safety goggles covered with black tape so that they did not know cotton of which way they were not followed .

was convinced to have help from other worlds . Ana was a devotee of Santeria, Palo Mayombe of a mode of this religion of African origin that is widely practiced in Cuba . So devoted was that the police to know when going to get a shipment of cocaine for days before making a rite and was entrusted to one of their gods as Obatala and Xango ... One of his bodyguards came one day terrified because he said that in the back seat wearing dead. stopped the car in the middle of the M-40 and got ...

The police who have watched for months have shown, for example, how Ana climbed on top of a ram, beheaded him and bathed in blood. also has culled birds, ducks, sheep ... in a river near his home. When police stopped her in her cottage found a room devoted to these rituals, with polls in which he kept viscera of animals. For ceremonies media did not notice. was able to spend 6,000 euros to be brought from Cuba a group of drummers for their ceremonies.

Ana received continuous SMS that announced the arrival of new collections to the boutiques of Louis Vutton, Gucci, Hermes ... the best shops in Madrid, and n which was one of his best customers. I had a lot of money: the police found among his documentation and outputs log entries indicating that money had entered 18 million euros of its distributors. I was afraid to give him a band and lived a stick permanently guarded by bodyguards and adolescents PTAB all kinds of security measures.

And besides all that drug distribution, Anne had decided to mount a huge laboratory ... So big that he had prepared more than 33 tons of liquid precursors, cooks had brought from Colombia and all was ready to launch a laboratory identical to those in the Colombian jungle, but in the mountains of Madrid. The problem is that he had not reached the base paste, to start working cocaine hydrochloride ... The laboratory still had not begun to function.

In collapse operation, as they called the police, participated fifty players who have barely been able to enjoy Christmas. In fact, the Epiphany, instead of eating with their families roscón or enjoying their children, all were on alert, they thought he was going to move the laboratory and would have to act ... The arrests were the next day, on 7 January.

As always, congratulations to our police , for which there is, as we can see, or Twelfth Night. The importance of Ana, The Tits, is huge, but in the same operation collapse has dropped a piece of hunting, or not those guys who had spent years being targeted police.

Lauro Sanchez Serrano is . A English, hij or a Colombian woman, considered one of the biggest traders in Spain, but it was very difficult hunt. Things were not going too well in recent times: it had foiled two attempts to bring in Spain large drug shipments. So he teamed up with Ana, but was below her in the organization. It provided women Juárez Smith brothers, two real machines traffic, the best distributors in Spain, although one of them, Victor is in a wheelchair. In any case, Lauro depended on the drug that came to Anna She put the goods and the power, influence, contacts, k now how ...

Lauro had many years on top: it has two successful restaurants, a huge nightclub and one the most popular gyms Madrid, that will train many VIPs and many of the most intimidating nightclub doormen ... Lauro was one of the main objectives of the operation cocktail sauce ...

E n 2004, after the death of Carmina Ordóñez , the Interior Ministry decided to create a police team to make an example. it was halting the ease and joy with which boasted many famous consume drugs ... They went on television making an apology about drug use ...

compounds were made by police groups that might go unnoticed in local fashion, as he owned Lauro. noted, looked for sources of information, but not with much success.

did not go well because many times the police had to be paid out of pocket money that cost entry or drinks in these places and sometimes not even let them enter because they were private parties in the running Cocaine galore ...



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